Spain: Vestigia Blockchain is a finalist in the Alhambra Venture


In Spain, Vestigia Blockchain is a dual platform that protects products against counterfeiting and piracy. And now, as reported by Ideal, it has become a finalist in the Alhambra Venture.

According to the article published by the portal Ideal, Vestigia Blockchain is a dual platform that protects products against counterfeiting and piracy through a patented “Crypto Tag”.

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“This technology, based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, offers a premium shopping experience to consumers, protects the reputation of brands and producers, certifies traceability, helps sell more (…) The particularity of this startup is that it can act automatically, for example, preventing expired lots from reaching the final customer,” the publication detailed.

The company explained that they manage operational and reputation risks of a brand automatically and in a certified manner.

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“Once the product is finished, the label serves to deliver to the consumer all the value of the brand and that he can know among other things the origin, see where it was produced and know its history. As well as knowing if it is original and if it has been handled or conserved incorrectly,” the article specified.

Vestigia’s founders were particularly pleased with this:

“Our system, by having automated decision making, has helped our clients manage their products during the crisis. We have also helped producers and distributors to demonstrate their compliance with the hygiene measures that this pandemic is forcing us to take through our crypto tag.

José Manuel Avelino Ríos, CEO of Vestigia Blockchain, stressed:

“Our Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology provides a competitive difference and a digital base to be able to implement the new business models that companies are needing to face this new post-Covid-19 situation. Specifically, our short-term goal is to continue to include advanced and high-value services to our customers, helping them in their operational management and in the differentiation of their products in both the domestic and international markets

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As a team we are from Vestigia Blockchain said they are very happy to be one of the 25 finalist startups of Alhambra Venture.

“Alhambra Venture 2020, organized by IDEAL, will be supported and sponsored by the Junta de Andalucía, the Ayuntamiento de Granada, Diputación de Granada, BStartup de Banco Sabadell, AJE, ElReferente, AWS Cloud Computing, Cevi Pyme, Red Eléctrica Española, ENISA, Acciona and the University of Granada”, concluded the article.