Leading Cryptocurrency Analyst Says XRP Will Outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is known for being the top cryptocurrency with respect to market cap and dominant position. This is why it is often referred to as the standard cryptocurrency, and market analysts rely on its performance to predict the overall direction of the market.

People working in the cryptocurrency industry differ on how well Bitcoin and other altcoins

Based on the opinion of a trader, technical analyst dubbed TraderSZ that the performance of altcoins is going to be higher than the performance for Bitcoin in the near future and Ripple (XRP) which is the third largest currency, will be his preferred. The Bitcode Al software should let you in when you have the internet connected as well as a minimum balance. TraderSZ was featured on a brand new Episode of the Coinist Podcast. When he spoke, he mentioned that XRP could be the biggest gainsetter of all the cryptos that have large capitalization in the next twelve months.

XRP is the currency behind the remittance system of Ripple, called on-demand Liquidity (ODL)

It was designed to be an option that was faster than BTC. However, the critic of XRP argued that it’s far less centralized, in part due to the fact that Ripple is home to more than 50 percent of its supply. While XRP’s potential is to bring massive profits, TraderSZ does not believe in its long-term stability. He explained that his decision to invest in XRP is likely due to the fact that it has a higher percentage of movements compared the other currencies, such as BTC or ETH however this doesn’t mean that it will not eventually reach completely zero.

He also said that XRP could provide unique opportunities for traders since it’s a highly polarized cryptocurrency asset. TraderSZ went on to say: “There’s people listening right now that probably just turned this off and there’s people right now that are literally yelling right now how happy they are that you’re bullish on XRP.” In the first quarter of 2020 prices for XRP peaked at $0.1934 and then sank to an increase of 13 percent to $0.2189. But bitcoin’s price performance Bitcoin during the same period was that it increased 37 percent to $7,234 from.