647 Days Later, Hacker Moves $3.35M from Uranium Finance

• A wallet connected to the Uranium Finance hacker has moved $3.35 million in stolen funds into a coin mixer.
• The wallets were last active 647 days and 159 days ago respectively, with 5 ETH sent to a privacy-focused Ethereum zk-rollup on Aztec.
• Uranium Finance was exploited on April 28th 2021, resulting in the theft of $50 million in funds, which led to its total shutdown.

Hacker Moves $3.35M from Wallet Tied to Uranium Finance Exploit

A wallet connected with Uranium Finance exploit has recently woken up after two years of slumber and initiated the transfer of 2,250 ETH (approximately $3.35 million) into the popular coin mixer – TornadoCash. This movement was detected by blockchain security firm PeckShield on March 7th and Etherscan data shows that it took place over seven hours via transactions ranging from 1 ETH to 100 ETH.

Uranium Finance Exploit

On April 28th 2021, Uranium Finance suffered an exploit that drained its Binance Smart Chain-based protocol of $50 million in funds. Afterward, the team maintained their innocence despite rug pull allegations but decided against reviving the project and instead opted for a total shutdown – providing assistance if funds were secured and redistributed.

159 Days & 647 Days Ago Wallets

In addition to the recent movements from the hacker’s wallet mentioned above, another Ethereum wallet tied to them revealed activity 159 days ago as well as 5 ETH being sent to a privacy-focused Ethereum zk-rollup on Aztec. The same hacker’s wallet had been inactive for 647 days prior to this incident until March 7th when it started moving 2,250 ETH worth approximately $3